Physical Exams

Physical Exams

Physical Exams services offered in Alpharetta, GA

If your child needs a sports or school physical or is due for a wellness exam, rely on Pediatrics and Genetics in Alpharetta, Georgia. Board-certified pediatrician Vidya Krishnamurthy, MD, offers physical exams for patients of all ages. Schedule a physical for your baby, child, or teenager by phone or online today. 

What are physical exams?

Physical exams consist of medical evaluations in which Dr. Krishnamurthy assesses your child’s health and overall well-being. She ensures your child is healthy, growing, and developing appropriately or detects possible medical issues before they become serious. Pediatrics and Genetics provides comprehensive physical exams for patients from birth through age 22.

What are the benefits of physical exams?

The benefits of choosing physical exams include:

  • Early disease detection
  • Better disease management
  • Low risk of medical complications 
  • Reduced risk of bothersome symptoms
  • Lower risk of illnesses and diseases 

Pediatrics and Genetics offers school, camp, work, and sports physicals, annual physical exams, and wellness checkups for children of all ages. Dr. Krishnamurthy is board-certified in pediatrics and genetics and is highly skilled. 

What do physical exams consist of?

Physical exams at Pediatrics and Genetics often consist of the following:

Vital signs check

A pediatric specialist weighs your child, evaluates their length or height, and assesses the head circumference of babies. They also check your child’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs to screen for potential problems.

Medical history review

Dr. Krishnamurthy discusses your child’s medical history. They ask about their lifestyle, medications, symptoms, past diagnoses, and more.

Medical exam

Dr. Krishnamurthy also completes a medical exam to evaluate your child’s overall health. They assess their ears, throat, eyes, breathing, heartbeat, reflexes, limbs, and more.

Health screenings

If your child needs health screenings, such as blood tests, heart-function testing, allergy or asthma tests, urine testing, or imaging procedures, Dr. Krishnamurthy orders these diagnostic tests.


Depending on your child’s health and risk factors, Dr. Krishnamurthy offers immunizations, prescription medications, or other treatments if necessary. She provides diabetes, nutrition, and weight management counseling and specialized consultations for growth, development, and behavioral issues. 


Dr. Krishnamurthy fills out physical exam forms if required by your child’s work, school, camp, or sports team. 

She may coordinate care with other specialists, hospitals, and schools to ensure your children receive the superior care they need to thrive. 

Dr. Krishnamurthy also visits with expectant mothers during prenatal consultations, so you can meet her and learn what to expect before, during, and after delivery.

Schedule physical exams at Pediatrics and Genetics by phone or online today.